• We believe in practical approach for teaching. Videos of topics, experiments when possible will be our methodology. • We don;t believe in old chalk duster method hence, we provide Interactive classroom with seminar based teaching. • Won’t be able to make it to the class? Don’t worry we got your back with video backed-up classes. • Number of classes in a week will be designed in a way so as to give a perfect balance to students for tutoring and self-study. • Weekly tests would be conducted at a regular basis and scores of the students would be tracked for improvement. • Regular P.T meet will be conducted to give guardian an overview of their ward at a regular basis. • No study Sunday (once a month) an initiative to let our students meet with different people who will share their success stories different games would be conducted which will sharpen the brains of students and give some time off from books.

Find a translator if you can`t speak their language, seek a translator for dissertationowl.com at least one parent conference and/or phone call